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Who are we? We are a South African company with big dreams and big hearts. We take an innovative approach in providing dependable, simple and affordable freeze dried and dehydrated foods to the South African public for emergency preparedness, survival and outdoor use like hiking, camping, backpacking and caravanning.                                  family

It is our genuine quest to share our knowledge and provide you with resources that will help you to become prepared whether it is a family hiking adventure or a more serious event such as an emergency.

We take pride in helping families to become prepared in all their outdoor food and emergency food needs. With a 99% satisfaction rate we have quickly become a leader in emergency and outdoor food preparedness.

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We are reliable and you can trust us! We have a great team of people waiting to help you with your product orders and who would love to hear from you. We want the products you have purchased from us to genuinely add value to your life and the lifes of your family!